Public Maps

Public Maps are browsable exports of data layers, able to be accessed by anyone with a browser and access to the internet (no other software needed).  They are a superb way of publishing maps for all to see and use.  They are scalable (zoom in and out), scrollable (left/right, up/down), and interactive (click on an item to bring up its associated database record from within Parish Online.

Using the Public Map version of the National Map of Allotments (click on the button in the header above), as an example:

  • The Allotment Map opens to show the full UK.  You can zoom in to your area of interest in two ways:

    • Use the '-' and '+' keys in the top left corner (slow and obvious)

    • Enter a post code into the top right corner search box (fast and unclear - you will need to zoom out again ('+' key in top left corner) to make sense of where you are)

  • The allotments (the black dots on the opening page) will resolve (as the scale increases) into brown polygons representing the boundaries of each allotment area​

  • Clicking anywhere in a brown polygon will bring up the associated database record in a column on the left hand side

  • The record contains a large number of data fields, each having a name

  • The fields may be fully completed, partially completed, or untouched

  • The records may be updated at no cost by the use of Parish Online, and Parish Online Lite (click here to see how)

  • Anyone can view any of the records for any allotment in the country whose details are held in Parish Online

  • If the records for your local allotments are incorrect - or your allotments do not even show - then please press your Parish Council to correct this for free