Example of a National Map.  This one shows all the known Allotments in the UK.  The live version,  (click here), known as a public map, permits users to zoom in and out, scroll up/down, left/right, and click on an allotment to see its database record.

To see how to use a Public map, please click here.

"National Maps" is the term used by Parish Online to represent those maps with details of a specific topic that covers the whole of the UK. These are viewable and editable by all users across the country (whereas most interactive data records within Parish Online are only visible to the relevant parish).


The idea of National Maps is to gather local data from Parishes that are of interest nationwide.  Early topics (in April 2021) include Allotments, and Cemeteries, and are anticipated to later include Village Halls, and Climate Change data.  Data flow can be two-way, with resulting benefits to those in the lowest hierarchy of government (parish councils), all the way to the top level.


As an early example, the National Allotments Society (NAS) made all of their data freely available within Parish Online, thus representing a top-down approach.  Parishes, on the other hand, can add to, amend or delete these data as appropriate to bring them into line with local reality - thus feeding updates back up the line.  All parties benefit:  parishes are able to see how their rates and facilities compare with other parishes across the UK, and NAS has much more accurate records. 


Free Access via Parish Online Lite:

The map is built on XMAP, and is accessible via "Parish Online", in use by more than 1,400 councils in the UK.  Those councils without Parish Online may use a full-featured copy available on a no-obligation, free trial for 30 days (click here) during which time they can access the National Maps. At the end of the free trial, if the Council decides not to subscribe to a copy (which can be free, see here), then the full copy that they have automatically downgrades to a skeletal version called Parish Online Lite, which maintains the ability to access the National Maps for updates and changes, at no cost.

In other words, the National Maps are able to be updated and maintained free of charge across the whole country.


If anyone wishes to learn more about Parish Online, have a free demo of its capabilities, or have free training in its use for National Maps, please email Graham Stoddart-Stones at gcstones52@gmail.com"

National Maps


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