Mondays, 11am: Demonstration of Parish Online  (free Zoom sessions)

A demonstration for 20 – 25 minutes of all the facilities that make Parish Online a boon to busy Parish Clerks and Councillors, followed by a Q&A session.  We cover how to get free accounts, and how to bring your data from the filing cabinet on to a digital 24/7 system.


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Fridays, 3pm: Banter sessions   (free Zoom sessions)

A session for getting answers in a friendly, helpful, co-operative atmosphere. Ask any question, from novice to expert, and the folks online will try to resolve the issue then and there. A great forum also for finding new uses for Parish Online. Duration is ad-hoc

Agenda for Friday 03Dec21:

  • Questions from Attendees

  • Previous week questions to Geoxphere:  What Three Words (very clearly answered since), imperial units for linear measurement as well as for area

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Clinics:  (free Zoom sessions)

The next clinic, at 5.30pm on Tuesday 14 December 2021, will be a re-run of "Making the Most of Parish  Online - the Basics".  Guest speaker Graham Stoddart-Stones will cover just what Parish Clerks can do with Parish Online to save time, reduce workload, become more productive, and help Parish Councils make more effective and better-informed decisions.  Discover just what makes this software tool so amazing, and a boon in your toolkit

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